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Lithium Battery Solutions_ Partners_ MobiSmart


161 The West Mall
Etobicoke, ON M9C 4V8

Lithium Battery Solutions_ Partners_ MobiSmart


4490 Avenue des Industries
Laval, QC H7C 1A2



Looking to Supply Lithium Batteries of Your Customers?


When you partner with Lithium Battery Solution, we provide you more than just robust batteries. You and your business will benefit from the whole package.

We offer technical training and engineering support to make sure you have a talented team of lithium battery experts.

To stay competetive, we invest in marketing of Lithium Battery Solution brand so your customers will get to know us and you can make sure your customers find out you sell the best available lithium battery.

Benefiting from innovative custom battery banks and Second Life batteries, we never make your orders unplaced and supply you with cutting edge, high quality lithium batteries just in time.

Our passion for expanding our horizon toward more quality, innovation and a drastic growth in the lithium battery market is a mission that starts at the top and permeates everything we do.

Through hard work and humility, talented trained staffs at greatest industry standards, we know that Lithium Battery Solution can contribute in the success of your business. We provide real care and support to our partners and cannot wait to start a new partnership.

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