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If you are concerned about the performance of your LED light bars, winches and ear-pounding stereo Lithium Battery Solution with a complete range of LifePo4 and Second Life batteries is there for you.

Our LBS-M series can handle a lot of vibrations which makes it ideal for off-road activities. Moreover, their high energy density means that you can store more energy in a battery that is small and lightweight.

Our batteries can also be discharged at almost their full capacity and still last more than 10 years. Finally, our batteries can be fully charged in less than 3 hours (if you have the appropriate charger): you will less often need to charge your batteries and the operation will be 3 to 4 times shorter than with an AGM battery.

Lithium Battery Solution supplies batteries with 99% efficiency. This means that near to all of the energy stored in the battery is is actually ready to use. With a super charge rate of half of any total bank and short absorbtaion times, Lithium Battery Solution’s batteries will charge 5 times faster than same siz batteries.On top of this, our lithium batteries have super low resistance which allows them to charge very quickly. Considering an AGM lead-acidbattery could take six to 12 hours to charge, Lithium Battery Solution’s batteries can charge in as little as one to three hours. Our batteries supply your needed energy two to three times more than the same size AGM lead acid batteries and this bring you a super comfort of use with no concerns.

Lithium Battery Solution provides higher energy density. This means that our lithium batteries can store more energy than Leas Acid Batteries, assuring longer period of energy availabile for renewable energy systems.

Benefiting from their high depth of discharge, our lithium LiFePO4 batteries have quite longer lifespan and can be used for years in very tough enviromnets. This quality would lead to 10 times more time of powering, comparing with other batteries and 85% of capacity after 2000 charge cycles in any renewable energy system.

Our battery sollutons are manufacured with high tech recycling systems that assure no pollution and eco-friendly. The major contribution of Lithium Battery Solutuion for energy system development is about using mentioned high-tech recycling system. This Recycling makes possible the use of Electric Vehicle batteries in our lithium battery product and services. Also, comprising material of our batteries are non-toxic and made with the safest available lithium chemistry, allowing safe installation possibilities in small enclosed areas with no fear of leaking and danger. This feature makes easier dispodal and recycle process at the end of their life cycle.

With no watering and no corrosion features, Lithium Battery Solution provides No Maintenance needed battetries. Our batteries are on minimum self-discharge and never lose their capacity in their idle time.

Off-Road Lithium Batteries

Lithium Battery Solution can provide you with high-quality deep-cycle batteries. They will fit almost anywhere and add 2 to 3 times less weight than with an AGM battery

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