A Fantastic Choice

for Industrial and Commercial Applications…


Lithium Batteries for Commercial and Industrial Applications

LBS lithium batteries are a fantastic choice for industrial and commercial applications. With the higher Energy Density in LBS batteries, we can produce four times more power than any other sealed lead-acid batteries at a much longer lifespan.
At LBS, we use our Canadian-designed external battery management system (BMS). This allows us to be the best replacement for all industrial and commercial applications providing an equally distributed charging and discharging between cells and batteries.


We have designed Our Tesla and x271 and x202 lithium-ion batteries with the latest battery technology to last four times longer than any other deep cycle battery.

In addition to our stable discharge rate, this long cycle life of our batteries makes the LBS Lithium-ion batteries the ultimate solution for Off-grid and Construction applications, Disaster Relief measures and Industrial Monitoring Systems.

Less SpaceĀ 

We have used our lithium iron phosphate batteries for commercial and industrial applications to replace other 12v 100Ah battery banks ATVs, Electrical system power reserves and construction power solutions.

And in all cases, our solutions have taken less space and turned out to be lighter than their counterparts providing a more efficient and steady power output.


State of Health

The Lithium Battery Solution Tesla Batteries are recovered in more than 92% state of health. They have been tested and guaranteed quality and safety. Afterwards, using the Canadian-made LBS external battery management system, the batteries are assembled in different battery banks producing virtually unlimited power for deployable power stations and industrial applications.

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