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Lithium BAtteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4/LFP battery) is a very popular type of Lithium-ion Battery family. Moreover, It has a vast range of application in Off Grid Building systems and vehicles such as Marines, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Electric Cars (EVs). Currently. Lithium Battery Solution supplies a complete range of 12, 24, and 48 voltages for its LiFePO4 batteries.

Internal Heating System

Pass the winter with no discharge interruptions!

With emphasis on Lithium performances coupled with an innovative addition of a heating source, Our LiFePO4 batteries make sure to bring a smooth and constant energy during extremely cold weather conditions. To do so, we have included an innovative addition of a heating source to emphasis on Lithium performances.

Accordingly, the LiFePo4 lithium battery is equipped with a heating film located at the bottom of the battery. So it allows charging at very low temperatures.

Thus, the battery heating process is automatically carried out with its installed connected charger and monitoring system.


LBS-M lithium battery modules are designed to be easily connected together to achieve greater specifications.

That is to say, it is designed to achieve any system size by connecting multiple LBS-M Modules to each other.

Therefore, connections are soft and in the end , they allow safer use especially in vehicles.

Our LiFePO4 Batteries in Detail

The LBS-M is the first of a new kind of battery range by Lithium Battery Solution. Let’s say, LBS-M lithium batteries are ideal for your deep cycle application. Additionally, our fully sealed design offers zero maintenance costs, no gassing, no corrosion or risk of explosion.

Battery Type


Amp Hour



Data Sheet

1 X LBS 200

12.8 V

200 AH

20 KG

310.5 X 204.5 X 185

2X LBS 200

12.8/ 25.6 V

400/ 200 AH

40 KG

310.5 X 409 X 185

621 X 204.5 X 185

3 X LBS 200

Lithium Battery Solution_ LBS-M Lithium Battery 200_ 3X

12.8/38.4 V

600/ 200 AH

60 KG

621 X 409 X 185


4X LBS 200

Lithium Battery Solution_ LBS-M Lithium Battery 200_ 4X

12.8/ 51.2 V

800/ 200 AH

80 KG

621 X 409 X 185


1 X LBS 271

12.8 V

271 AH

25.2 KG

337.25 X 177.5 X 210.3

2X LBS 271

12.8/ 25.6 V

542/ 271 AH

50.4 KG

674.5 X 177.5 X 210.3

337.25 X 355 X 210.3

3 X LBS 271

Lithium Battery Solution_ LBS-M Lithium Battery 271_ 3X

12.8/ 38.4 V

813/ 271 AH

75.6 KG

674.5 X 355 X 210.3


4X LBS 271

12.8/ 51.2 V

1084/ 271 AH

100.8 KG

674.5 X 355 X 210.3


Finish up your transition into lithiym battteries with a BMS component.

No lithium battery brings any performance with no Battery Management System. For sure, we cover this step by offering a quite relible BMS to be installed with your battery.

Get to know out battery applications in real life


The LBS-M lithium battery series are compatible with the majority of chargers in market. Also, they are tested to be working properly with the following popular brands:

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