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Lithium Batteries

Our LBS-M series contains batteries made from new Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4/LFP) cells from one of the best manufacturers in the world. They can be used for a wide range of applications such as Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Marine, off-grid, and much more (link for our applications page with a sentence like “see details”).

We currently have 2 models, both 12.8V, with a capacity of 202Ah and 271Ah. They can easily be connected, in series for a 24V or 48V system, or parallel for a higher capacity. Our energy storage system comes with our BMS: designed and programmed in our facilities, it ensures that the batteries deliver the best performance while staying safe. 

Internal Heating System

Enjoy the Canadian weather without concern for your batteries!

Lithium batteries are very sensitive to temperature: they shouldn’t be used if the outside temperature is below 0°C. To solve this problem, we’ve equipped our batteries of the LBS-M series with a heating film within the battery, closest to the core. It is entirely controlled by our BMS (link for our BMS page): it will make sure to always respect the operating temperature of the batteries. 

Wherever you are, whatever the outside temperature is, you can count on our LBS-M batteries. 


Our LBS-M batteries can easily be connected to reach a higher voltage and/or higher capacity. Thanks to our new master BMS, the total capacity of an energy storage system with the LBS-M series can reach 48V and with! 

Moreover, the design of our battery module, on top of being modern and elegant, makes their arrangement and connections easy. Their case is fully sealed and made of strong, polished material for a beautiful finish.

Our LiFePO4 Batteries in Detail

The LBS-M series is a group of a new Lithium batteries by Lithium Battery Solution, ideal for your deep cycle applications. Additionally, these modules are maintenance-free with no risk of gassing corrosion or explosion.

Battery Type


Amp Hour



Data Sheet

1 X LBS 200

12.8 V

200 AH

20 KG

310.5 X 204.5 X 185

2X LBS 200

12.8/ 25.6 V

400/ 200 AH

40 KG

310.5 X 409 X 185

621 X 204.5 X 185

3 X LBS 200

Lithium Battery Solution_ LBS-M Lithium Battery 200_ 3X

12.8/38.4 V

600/ 200 AH

60 KG

621 X 409 X 185


4X LBS 200

Lithium Battery Solution_ LBS-M Lithium Battery 200_ 4X

12.8/ 51.2 V

800/ 200 AH

80 KG

621 X 409 X 185


1 X LBS 271

12.8 V

271 AH

25.2 KG

337.25 X 177.5 X 210.3

2X LBS 271

12.8/ 25.6 V

542/ 271 AH

50.4 KG

674.5 X 177.5 X 210.3

337.25 X 355 X 210.3

3 X LBS 271

Lithium Battery Solution_ LBS-M Lithium Battery 271_ 3X

12.8/ 38.4 V

813/ 271 AH

75.6 KG

674.5 X 355 X 210.3


4X LBS 271

12.8/ 51.2 V

1084/ 271 AH

100.8 KG

674.5 X 355 X 210.3


A state-of-the-art Battery Management System for your batteries

All our batteries come with a BMS, the result of months of research. It ensures the best performance of your energy storage system without compromising its safety.


The LBS-M lithium battery series are compatible with the majority of chargers in market. Also, they are tested to be working properly with the following popular brands:

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