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with Higher

Energy Density…

Commercial LiFePO4

Lithium Battery series

LBS lithium batteries are a fantastic choice for industrial and commercial applications. With the higher Energy Density in LBS batteries, we can produce four times more power than any other sealed lead-acid batteries at a much longer lifespan.
At LBS, we use our Canadian-designed external battery management system (BMS). This allows us to be the best replacement for all industrial and commercial applications providing an equally distributed charging and discharging between cells and batteries.

In a Glance..

We have integrated heatingCAN communicationBluetooth function, and each battery is tested before its delivery.

Moreover, we designed the casing keeping in mind an installation in a vehicle, where space and accessibility is an important concerns.

For this reason, we deported the buttons (to turn ON/OFF the battery and the one to turn ON/OFF the heating) to the side of the battery.

Since you may not use the battery all the time, a sleep mode is integrated into the battery to help maintain the capacity.

To make the installation quick and simple, we installed the BMS and the cell balancing modules inside the casing.

The BMS controls the charge and discharge and monitors the voltage, current, and temperature in order to maximize longevity, efficiency, and safety. With our built-in Bluetooth and our app, you will be able to monitor and get all the necessary information on your battery.



We have used our lithium iron phosphate batteries for commercial and industrial applications to replace other 12v 100Ah battery banks ATVs, Electrical system power reserves and construction power solutions.

And in all cases, our solutions have taken less space and turned out to be lighter than their counterparts providing a more efficient and steady power output.

Our Commercial Li Battery Seties in Detail

The LBS-M is the first of a new kind of battery range by Lithium Battery Solution. Let’s say, LBS-M lithium batteries are ideal for your deep cycle application. Additionally, our fully sealed design offers zero maintenance costs, no gassing, no corrosion or risk of explosion.

Battery Type


Amp Hour



Data Sheet


12.8/25.6 V

420/210 AH

44 KG



12.8/ 25.6 V

420/ 210 AH

62 KG



Lithium Battery Solution_ LBS-M Lithium Battery 200_ 3X

12.8/25.6/ 51.2 V

840/420/ 200 AH

85 KG


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