A Brain for Your Battery Bank

To Optimize Its Performance


Using BMS is

A Must?

Our Battery Management System has been imagined and designed in Canada to make sure that your energy storage system works safely for a long time. It is included with all the lithium solutions we provide. The BMS constantly ensures that all the cells of the systems are balanced while preventing over-charging as well as under-charging. To do so, it will communicate with all the charging and discharging sources of the system and shut them down before any of these issues happen.

It also monitors the internal temperature of the module to avert usage under temperatures that would be harmful to the system. In our LBS-M series, monitoring the temperature allows the BMS to control the heating film inserted in the batteries to make charging and discharging at low temperatures possible.

Our experts at Lithium Battery Solution program each BMS according to the system it will be integrated into, guaranteeing that either an LBS-M battery bank or a 2nd-life solution gives its optimal performance while preserving its safety and yours.

A Wide Range Of Applications For Our Energy Storage System And Their BMS

Having a reliable source of power for longer hours of consumption and getting less and less dependent on other energy resources such as fossil fuel if all our customers at Lithium Battery Solution are craving.