Our Team

We are proud of the fact that we contribute to Canada’s transition into lithium energy consumption

We strive to power commercial and industrial systems. This attain our mission of making a positive impact on our planet

A Green Canada


Lithium Battery Solution positively bring on a sustainable green initiative to keep Canada green, forever. Lithium Battery Solution is now supplying its first range from a very long line of lithium battery products. Moreover our second life battery production is based on high-tech remanufacturing process. Likewise, this includes recycling process of electric car components.

Such absolutely environmentally friendly manufacturing and consumption ecosystem is shared with our dedicated team. let’s say that his has been a conviction with several international partners. In fact, our partners support us with high quality and tailor-made lithium storage solutions.

All new lithium batteries, manufactured by Lithium Battery Solutions are developed with TR1 manufacturing quality. Better to say, there is only 3 manufacturers all around the world who supply their batteries with mentioned standard as we do.

Leading Toward Excellence

Sebastien Caron, President 


Sebastien has lived and breathed the renewable technology world by owning and operating Volts Energies since 2003. Most recently in 2018, he has been developing Lithium Battery Solution into a innovative leader in the lithium battery space of Canada.

Sebastien has built Lithium Battery Solution as a tribute to its environmental values. So he has spent 18 months for researching and developing the best available lithium battery technologies (LFPs) for commercial and industrial use.

His hard work on auxiliary vehicle energy systems, inverters and off-grid solar system has been rewarded in the development of a high tech energy solution. And this i on lithium battery refurbishment. He believes this would lead him to make the world a better place for his 2 young girls and us.

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