Our Team

We are proud of the fact that we contribute to Canada’s transition into lithium energy consumption

We strive to power commercial and industrial systems. This attain our mission of making a positive impact on our planet

A Green Canada


Lithium Battery Solution (LBS) was established in 2018 by Sebastien Caron. We offer energy storage systems based on the rapidly evolving technology of Lithium batteries. Our energy storage systems are modulable, reliable, and efficient. They are designed and programmed in Quebec with the best Lithium cells available in the market and recycled material from high-quality electrical vehicles. 

Our team of experts aspires to offer the best product they can and the best service to go with it. Each product is thoroughly tested before delivery. Moreover, we are constantly researching new features or improvements for our current lines of products as well as new products to offer to our customers. Should any questions or concerns emerge about an LBS product (before or after purchase), we will be happy to answer them.

Leading Toward Excellence

Sebastien Caron, President 


Sebastien is the creator, owner, and president of 2 companies striving to offer reliable and efficient power in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors: Volts Energies since 2003 and Lithium Battery Solution since 2018. The first sell installs and offers advice on generators and solar systems all over Canada. The second was established to allow research and development in the Lithium battery sector and the recycling of electric vehicle batteries and components.

Sebastien has built Lithium Battery Solution as a tribute to its environmental values. So he has spent 18 months for researching and developing the best available lithium battery technologies (LFPs) for commercial and industrial use. His hard work on auxiliary vehicle energy systems, inverters, and off-grid solar systems has been rewarded in the development of a high-tech energy solution. And this ion lithium battery refurbishment. He believes this would lead him to make the world a better place for his 2 young girls and us.